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Madcap retreats

The mission of Madcap Retreats is to make designing, coordinating, and enjoying writing retreats easy and accessible. We work with writers at all stage of their career, from aspiring to long published. Whether you want a small retreat for your friends or something larger, we have the experience and expertise to make your writing retreat one to remember.

Madcap Retreats is piloted by Natalie C. Parker, young adult author and professional event coordinator. For the past 8 years she has been an event coordinator for the University of Kansas and has been responsible for facilitating dozens of research trips, both domestic and international, for groups of students and professors. Her latest challenge was a trip to Hawaii with 15 undergraduates, 4 faculty, multiple remote camp sites, and a thoroughly surprising hurricane. Her work in the field has made her practiced in the art of adaptability and keeping travel an enjoyable experience for all involved.

In addition to this adventurous work, Natalie has coordinated dozens of writing retreats with the number of participants ranging from 8 to 38. From selecting a location and house to planning meals, she knows how to make the expeirence of attending retreats a seamless and productive one.

Writing Retreats

We offer a yearly calendar of retreats for aspiring and established writers in all stages of their career. These retreats are largely unstructured, providing time for you to write free from distractions!


We collaborate with established authors to provide a wide range of retreat-style workshops. These retreats are highly structured, providing you with new tools to improve your writing!

Retreat Services

Want a retreat without the hassle? We'll design one for you! We offer retreat coordination services specific to the needs of your group.